I met a girl today at a Nice Girls Club Empowerment Workshop. We will call her KK. She was so beautiful and full of energy. KK missed school yesterday and did not receive a Nice Girls Club book like all of the other students in the group. She was not very happy about it. I watched KK. She was very energetic and full of laughter. She could hardly sit still in her seat. She would lean on the table, her arms were flailing, her head was sometimes lying on the desk and sometimes upright, I even saw KK on the floor giggling at one point. KK's spirit was amazing. Did I mention how beautiful she was? She has long braids, beautiful deep brown eyes and chocolate skin. I just had to snap a picture with her, something just drew me to her. 

KK lives in a project development in Compton, Ca. Her life outside of school is challenging, which may affect her ability to "sit still." I think "sitting still" is for inanimate objects; I wonder if she is connected to spirit more than the rest of us which makes her so fun loving. KK sometimes climbs on top of her school building and hangs out on the roof. She gets into trouble with the school staff for doing this. 

I ended up going back to my car and finding a Nice Girls Club book for KK. I wrote a long note inside of the book, wrapped it in black and white tissue paper, placed a book mark inside and put it in a pink gift bag. I left the book at the front office of the school. I hope KK reads and enjoys her new book. I hope KK realizes how beautiful she is.