Nice Girls Club is an organization that serves to empower young girls to be kind and self-confident. We encourage girls to love their own unique characteristics and build positive relationships with others. Our ultimate goal is to motivate girls to discover their own greatness in order to realize their passions and dreams. 

Nice Girls Club: New Best Friend is a novel written by Whitney Scott geared towards girls ages 8 to 12 years. The novel tells a story about a young girl, Brianna, who is challenged to reflect on her mean behavior and accept people for who they are. She has some experiences that empower her to be kind to others and exercise empathy. All of these experiences help her to build positive relationships with her family and peers. 

Nice Girls Club provides workshops and book readings to girls. Our book readings are followed by thoughtful discussions about challenges that girls face in everyday life. Our Interactive workshops allow girls to interact positively with their peers and embrace their own unique qualities. These workshops challenge girls to view situations from multiple perspectives. This encourages them to empathize with others and become more compassionate and understanding.