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Whitney Scott

Whitney Scott is an Author, Youth Empowerment Workshop Facilitator and founder of Nice Girls Club. Nice Girls Club offers books, workshops, readings, apparel and the popular Nice Girls Club Self-awareness Box. 

Whitney was inspired to write her girls book series Nice Girls Club after observing how the young girls within her community interacted with one another. She discovered that girls could possibly recognize their own limitless potential and appreciate themselves if they were exposed to a more positive point of view. Her observations forced her to reflect on her own childhood and some challenges that she faced with self confidence, body image and bullying.

Whitney established Nice Girls Club to empower young girls to be kind and develop self-confidence and self-awareness. She encourages girls to love their own unique characteristics and build positive relationships with others. Her ultimate goal is motivate girls to discover the greatness they have within. 

Whitney is an avid reader of American and African history. She also enjoys spending time with her girls. Together they visit museums, do art and science projects, play sports and prepare healthy meals. 

Whitney Scott has a Bachelors degree in Marketing. She resides in Los Angeles, California with her family.